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How to Uninstall Windows ME

These guides will Show you how to uninstall a  Microsoft Window ME upgrade from your computer.

Uninstall Windows ME upgrade in Windows - Uninstall Windows ME upgrade with a boot Disk

Uninstall Windows ME upgrade in Windows

  1. Start Windows ME normally or start in safe mode (Press F8 key on boot up)

  2. Click “Start”

  3. Then “Settings”

  4. Then open “Control Panel”

  5. Now select “Add or Remove Programs”

  6. If so click on “Uninstall Windows Millennium Edition”,

  7. Then “Add/Remove”,

  8. Click on “Yes”

  9. Now scandisk will run, when finished click on “Yes” to remove.

  10. Follow on screen instructions to remove

  11. Once completed your computer will restart, and boot to the previously-installed operating system.

Uninstall Windows ME upgrade with a boot Disk

  1. Start your computer with Windows ME boot disk in drive.

  2. When start menu appears select “Minimal Boot”

  3. Type “C:” and press “Enter”

  4. Type “cd Windows ” press “Enter”.

  5. Now type “cd command”, press “Enter”

  6. Type “uninstal.exe”, press “Enter”.

  7. Now follow onscreen prompts to uninstall ME

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